How Arboriculture can Help us to Save Local Trees

Since I started this page, my purpose has been to disclose the scientific knowledge of plants (Botany) and their interactions with other living beings and with the environment that surrounds them (Ecology). Today we will learn about the study and management of urban trees and associated plants (Urban Forestry and Arboriculture), all thanks to my personal experience with the great team of Tree Surgeons in Edinburgh belonging to Arborist Direct Edinburgh.

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The frightening balance of Australia’s fires: 1 billion dead animals and 10.3 million hectares burned

The situation in Australia is devastating due to the ferocity of the fires that are raging across the country. Here we will take a tour of the data of this forest crisis.

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Heating Systems can also Damage our Beloved Trees

“Air pollution is the greatest individual environmental risk to the health of European citizens”, according to EEA

The high levels of pollution that are being reached these days in some of our main cities, with Glasgow and London at the forefront, are a serious and serious threat to the health of those who inhabit them. This is because breathing polluted air kills. This is not something only environmentalists are saying, but the health authorities and our Gas Engineers here in Perth have spoken about it (I like businesses that educate their customers about the impact that their HVAC facilities have on the environment, that’s why I mention them).

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Sequoia or Redwood Forests in the World

Sadly, in the world, there is no forest in which there are only sequoias, but we can see how they alternate with other types of fauna and flora in total harmony. They do find, from time to time, tiny areas where only these trees grow, and they are called like this ‘pure forest of sequoias’. It is considered that there are about 20,000 copies distributed in small groves of about 6 live specimens and attract much attention.

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The Eden Project: Sequoias in England

I want to make a pause in our travels to talk you about this exciting news: as if it were a living library, a total of forty coastal redwoods have been planted in Cornwall, a region southwest of England as a part of the Eden Project – an environmental complex inspired by nature and sustainable development.

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This how I became a tree hugger…

Continuing where we left in our previous post, today, we will talk about how you can visit some interesting places. With provisions ready, you can visit the Redwood National & State Parks, protected by Unesco, and its star attraction, easily accessible: Lady Bird Johnson Grove. The sagacious Californian conservationists gave this forest the name of the first lady in an attempt to protect the park from the voracity of the timber industry. And the treat worked: the park celebrates its 50th anniversary today and some of its tallest trees have grown 30 m since then. Cutting them down is unthinkable; hug them, something instinctive. Younger children curl up in the cribs that form the fallen logs, teenagers take selfies posing with the peace symbol, and entire families surround the huge sequoia trunks to take a picture together.

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The Forest Offers Happiness, Peace and the Sweet Company of Nature

Hi, everyone is me again. Today we will be continuing talking about the special places that make so attractive the sequoia forests. For starters, urbanites that begin forest therapy can start with Muir Woods. Just an hour from San Francisco. In 1945, delegates from the then newly founded UN recalled Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Cathedral Grove, an accessible forest with adapted shuttles and the Main Loop Trail. That event was written for posterity in English and Braille: “Here, in this temple of peace, delegates will have a perspective and a sense of time that no other place in America like this forest can offer. Muir Woods is a cathedral, the pillars of which they have stood firm throughout most of the written history of mankind.”

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Looking for calm? Maybe you have to look for it on California´s Redwood

In California´s West Coast, the Art of de-stressing is something natural. Under the towering redwood canopy, it looks like that every breath allows us to start recovering the serenity, perspective and even lost hopes. The sight of this is astonishing for the traveler lacking green environments; since their ability to surprise is numb and they need to remind themselves the act of taking a deep breath.

Then we can start adventuring on these landscapes to nurture his body with the ancestral remedy to the modern ills. All of this is possible thanks to the “forest therapy”

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