The Forest Offers Happiness, Peace and the Sweet Company of Nature

Hi, everyone is me again. Today we will be continuing talking about the special places that make so attractive the sequoia forests. For starters, urbanites that begin forest therapy can start with Muir Woods. Just an hour from San Francisco. In 1945, delegates from the then newly founded UN recalled Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Cathedral Grove, an accessible forest with adapted shuttles and the Main Loop Trail. That event was written for posterity in English and Braille: “Here, in this temple of peace, delegates will have a perspective and a sense of time that no other place in America like this forest can offer. Muir Woods is a cathedral, the pillars of which they have stood firm throughout most of the written history of mankind.”

As we said previously, to live a fully immersive experience you can go to Humboldt County to find the even difficult to locate in Humboldt Redwoods State Park: Women’s Grove.

It is not necessary to leave the twenties behind when leaving this forest inspired by the history of California; it is possible to stay in the majestic rustic shelter of the architect Julia Morgan, built at south of Women’s Grove in 1926. Reservations should be made well in advance for Mother’s Day or to stay in the old garages of Julia Morgan’s Redwood Grove House. Across the Eel River, the beautifully restored Benbow Inn has been a hiding place for Hollywood dating since 1926, with steak-based dinners in the cozy wooden-beamed dining room, dances with live music on the patio tiles in the light of the moon and crystal sherry decanters by the bed for flappers who wanted to have a last drink before bedtime.

Where to refill…

At the West of Benbow, hikers chase the rainbow along 40 km of rugged coastal routes to sunsets with sea lions from the Lost Coast; but forest therapy enthusiasts who don’t want to get wet should know that the King Range National Conservation Area of ​​the Lost Coast is the wettest area in California and that there are hardly any places to shelter in this remote reserve. To the north of King Range, the landscape gives way to the meadows that surround the picturesque village of Ferndale.

Here one finds the comforts that a diligent driver needed around 1890: Eel River Brewing’s local beer at The Palace Saloon, rooms with a fireplace and a couch at The Victorian Inn, lucky horseshoes at The Blacksmith Shop, and – if you lose your hat on the Lost Coast–, the Main Street Millinery headgear. Ferndale is the perfect postcard city of the Californian Far West, as evidenced by its entry into IMDB as a scene for Hollywood filming; but this remote place has managed to preserve its peaceful rural charm without exceeding the tourist or the cheesy. It’s a good idea to go through the butcher shop Ferndale Meat Co to buy some pastrami sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper, or for Mario’s Lost Coast Café, for an adult grilled cheese, a vegetable sandwich with bread made with the flour that Mario himself grinds.

That would be all for now. In my next entries will be continuing to delve deeper into the redwood forest to keep discovering these amazing places for you to enjoy.

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